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JVCtool and MOIread are a very simple tools to convert JVC Everio .MOD, .MOI files to mpeg . 
In December 2009. I found on internet, MOIread and JVCtool two similar tools to convert MOD and read MOI files into mpeg , I
exchange some emails to author of MOIReader (victor.reijs) which also have a copy of JVCtool.jar, IIRC.
JVCtool is made in Java and I use to convert my .MOD files to mpeg, I improved and add some code, to not overwrite files, to
convert .MOD file even if don't have the releated .MOI file and add quality values that was missing for my especific camcorder. 

JVCtool.jar it works with files of my JVC Everio GZ-MG30.

MOIread is made with Basic BCC and I tried find some programs to covert basic bcc into pyhton, so MOIRead just stay for
reference because I never see it working.

The .MOI file format belongs to files created mainly by JVC camcorders